Here at BMS Staff, we understand that the quality of your construction work is important, but so is the presentation. It gets dusty and messy after all the heavy lifting, sawing, and building. This is where you need our Post Construction Cleaning services in Los Angeles. We sweep up that smallest dust particle and make your new space shine, ensuring it's perfect for your grand homecoming party.

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Why Choose BMS Staff for Post-Construction Cleaning?


Experienced Professionals

Our team is expert in handling every challenge that post-construction cleanup gets you into. We handle everything from dust in the air vents to small dust particles in the corners.


Tailored Services

We offer various types of cleaning services for construction projects, including new builds, renovations, and demolitions. Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of your project.


Eco-Friendly Solutions

Our Green Clean services ensure no harmful chemicals are used, keeping your newly constructed area safe and sustainable.

Post-Renovation Cleaning Checklist

Our comprehensive cleaning checklist ensures that no detail is overlooked:

• Deep Dust Removal: All surfaces, including hard-to-reach vents and high ceilings.
• Small dust particles Disposal: Safe and efficient removal of all construction waste.
• Surface Polishing: Doors, frames, fixtures, and windows will sparkle.
• Wall and Baseboard Washing: Ensuring every wall is spotless and ready for decor.
• Floor Care: From standard sweeps to deep carpet cleaning and ceramic tile sealing.
• Final Inspections: A thorough walkthrough to ensure top-quality cleanliness.

Our team is ready to provide you with a quick, no-obligation quote.

Our Post-Construction Cleaning Team Specializes in Handling

1. Property Additions and Demolitions:
We ensure every inch of your site is sparkling clean, making the old and new seamlessly beautiful.

2. New Constructions:
Before opening doors to potential buyers or tenants, we ensure every surface shines cleanly.

3. Home Renovations:
We clean kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and living spaces, all ensuring your newly renovated areas are dust-free and delightful.

Design Your Customized Cleaning Strategy

No job is too big or small for our dedicated team. Contact us to craft a personalized cleaning plan tailored just for your needs. Choose from a variety of outstanding services, including:

  • Polishing fixtures, vents, and lighting.
  • Cleaning and sealing tiles, including grout extraction.
  • Power washing entrances and pathways.
  • Comprehensive carpet and floor treatments.

Reliable Construction Cleaning Services in Los Angeles

Our team prides themselves on their careful attention to detail and commitment to providing the highest standard of cleaning. We adjust your schedule, whether you need a one-time service or regular cleanups.


Check What Our Customers Say About us
03:13 02 Jun 23
Bms rocks they do an awesome job cleaning at our community building I truly love how well our property building gets clean bye them I'm grateful for their services.
catalina quezadacatalina quezada
03:35 30 Aug 22
The BMS company gave me the opportunity to work. My first experience was working in a school. and the customer was very satisfied. another thing the supervisors treat the workers with a lot of respect they are very professional the BMS company offers good benefits for the workers. I’m happy to work with the BMS company!
Juan MedranoJuan Medrano
01:30 15 Aug 21
The company performed emergency client request to start a new project immediately jumping to the next day dou to the school reopening.I was part of the project and the client was satisfied a 100%.